Cleaning / Maintenance

Energy Efficient Cleaning

Photos before | after cleaning

Experienced Techs

Hand Cleaned, spot-free rinse

Safety Trained

Fully Insured

Uninstall / Reinstall

Replace all new flashing and guarantee 20-year no water penetration

Depending on your original energy installer, your warranty will not be voided (we are partnered with the largest solar companies with the U.S.)

Efficiency reports for all panels before and after installation

Photos of before | after reinstall 

We provide roofing | 1 turn key quote for all making your life easier

Service Diagnosis

We, at no charge, first try to remote diagnose your system (for enphase and solaredge systems only)

Full System check of equipment

Providing quote for additional time or material if needed   

Roll-Out / Minimum Diagnosis $400 charge

Experienced + trained techs

Other Services

Critter Guards

No penetrations are made to roof or solar system

10 year guarantee no critter damage

Experienced + trained techs

Photos of before | after reinstall 

Full System check of equipment

Our Projects




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